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bluff catcher on the river

Discussion in 'Hand analysis' started by reepo, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. reepo

    reepo Active Member

    Nov 8, 2014
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    Poker Stars, $4.10 Buy-in (500/1,000 blinds, 100 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 5 Players
    Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

    SB: 23,000 (23 bb)
    BB: 27,816 (27.8 bb)
    MP: 28,163 (28.2 bb)
    Hero (CO): 70,801 (70.8 bb)
    BTN: 12,220 (12.2 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is CO with K[​IMG] Q[​IMG]
    MP folds, Hero raises to 2,270, 2 folds, BB calls 1,270

    Flop: (5,540) T[​IMG] J[​IMG] Q[​IMG] (2 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets 2,493, BB calls 2,493

    Turn: (10,526) J[​IMG] (2 players)
    BB bets 3,684, Hero calls 3,684

    River: (17,894) 9[​IMG] (2 players)
    BB bets 18,000, Hero folds

    Results: 17,894 pot
    Final Board: T[​IMG] J[​IMG] Q[​IMG] J[​IMG] 9[​IMG]
    BB mucked and won 17,894 (9,347 net)
    Hero mucked K[​IMG] Q[​IMG] and lost (-8,547 net)

    Hand is from final table of 4.50 36-180man sng.

    Think everything up until the turn is standard, didn't have a huge amount of hands on the guy at this point maybe 100ish. seemed like some sort of semi-reg, was playing pretty loose 40/42 over over 97 hands at this final table.

    Question is what would be his leading range on this turn? Considering my range can be pretty strong on this board. I have all the boats, AK and all the combos of K9s in my range. His sizing was pretty weird aswell because he wasn't even setting up a river jam decently.

    River is quite awkward, I think i chop at very best. Made the hero fold because i had a decent stack and i really don't think he has any bluffs here ever.
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  2. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon Well-Known Member
    Poker Coach

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Some Jx or better for value would make sense as big portion of your range is likely going to check turn. Maybe some semibluffs as well because that sizing is sort of blocker bet.

    But yeah when flush completes as well there is very few bluffs in his range and bottom of value range should be Kx at best. So I think fold is good. I think call is only ok if you have seen villain doing some really wide floats and spewy bluffs.
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