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Hand 10 - MTT

Discussion in 'Hand analysis' started by seanster, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. seanster

    seanster Member

    Jun 13, 2015
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    Hi Guys

    I just wanted peoples opinions on this situation:

    Reads: Villain is extremely tough reg. RFI of 26% (average - prob higher from Hijack). Large sample size.

    Blinds/Antes: 160/320/40

    Hero - 5:spade:A:spade:

    3 Fold, HIJ (41962) Raise to 700, 2 Fold, Hero SB (14002) Raise to 2100, BB Fold, HIJ Call 1400.

    Flop (4840): 2:heart:8:spade:10:club:

    Hero Bet 1694, Villain Call 1694.

    Turn (8228): 2:heart:8:spade:10:club:K:diamond:

    Hero Bet 2879, Villain Call 2879.

    River (13986): 2:heart:8:spade:10:club:K:diamond:A:club:

    Hero Check, Villain Bet 35249 (All-In), Hero ???

    Any comments much appreciated.
  2. Duski

    Duski Active Member

    Nov 29, 2015
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    I think villain needs to continue a lot with your small bet sizing on flop and turn, but still, what hands would he shove at river... decent Ax or better and pure bluffs? And what kind of pure bluffs would be left? QJ gets there... J9s / 97s? All mediocre hands would probably check to see showdown... or could he turn small pairs into bluff here, thinking maybe you have weak hand and could fold? At least if you had strong hand you would bet / shove river I guess...
    Tough spot, not sure what I would do myself... you only need to be good 25% or so to call, but that should reduce opponents willingness to bluff here as well if he thinks you have anything... maybe call just because river check induces SOME bluffs sometimes; even if often opponent will show better hand here often I'd think you still get that 25%+.
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  3. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon Well-Known Member
    Poker Coach

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Would prefer bit bigger preflop 3bet when there are antes and we are oop. Flop cbet is good but on turn we can give up this one. We have many better combos with more equity and blocker value. E.g. QJ, AQ, AJ, maybe some J9s. With this A5s there really is no good river.

    As played tough to say of river. Probably not disaster either way.
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