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Best Posts in Thread: Unibet - introduction

  1. Warp

    Warp Active Member

    Oct 7, 2014
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    I used my cellphone as a hotspot and over my 3G it worked.

    Now I tried to configure DNS manually on my laptop to and the link works as well. So it was a provider thing.

    Some words about Unibet for the interested:
    * no hand history
    * no stats, no graphs, no HUD, no nothing
    * 4 profiles (aliases/avatars you sit with at the table), can be changed easily, when trying to create a 5th you must delete another
    * it's possible to create 3 profiles per day - making it basically infinite poker identities, if you don't want to be recognized at the tables
    * no chat
    * no seat selection, you get seated and have to wait for BB
    * no observing tables, no search feature
    * multi tabling is possible
    * sitting out is possible, but they remove you after a couple of minutes
    * sitting in is possible with an amount between 50 and 100 BB, table doesn't remember your stack, so you can always leave with 300BB/return immediately with 100BB

    You can review some hands in the software, but not extract data per copy/paste, so the hand number of difficult hands should be written down or else it's not so easy to find them, though you can sort by pot size and filter by day.
    Analyzing own game is pretty difficult, but I don't care so much, I am recreational player.

    200€Bonus was not directly awarded, had to contact customer support, live chat did it.
    Mail to support was answered after 2-3 hours.

    So far so good. 1 % rake at 0.02/0.04, between 10 to 100 players on PLO4, less on higher stakes (right now in the pool: 61 PLO4, 24 PLO10, 37 PLO25, 12 PLO50, 15 PLO200), though one player on two tables is counted two times, like in the Zoom pool).

    I doubt I will pay enough rake to get to 1000€ rake (to clear my 200€ bonus) on PLO4, but I see that as a good thing, the increments are 1,4,15,40,140, 60 days time. Bonus is not dependent on cashing in amount.

    there is a challenges program (expires quarterly) and a bonus program (bonus points don't expire), haven't really calculated but after approximately 50€ rake I get 5x 1€ SNG ticket and maybe a 5€ bonus. Not much. But again: the rake at the lowest NL/PLO stake is 1%, I don't expect much.
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  2. Profilman

    Profilman Member

    Apr 27, 2015
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    My free €10 ticket. I played yesterday, it was a bit interesting after only 37-46 flops i had earn €30.35. It was like people just throws their chips away in the beginning. It takes a long time to get 750, but i will make it :P :P
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  3. Warp

    Warp Active Member

    Oct 7, 2014
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    one month feedback

    * 2.5% charge on credit card when cashing in
    * cashing via credit card out went without problems (more than I had cashed in)
    * if you lose >20$ in a week you get a freeroll where the first 10% players get 40. Same for 200/400.
    * hand history is pretty much useless, it's not visible in the software forever, very very annoying to browse, slow. Support won't send a txt file. You can sort by highest pot, but that could mean other players. It's just bs, either you analyze/rethink the hand right away or you never will.
    * software has become more stable during the last two updates, while in January I had regular crashes I'd say I haven't had one in February
    * mail to support takes time (I still have one ticket open after >2 weeks when one table crashed on me (while others worked - and lost some money there, that I'd like to have back)
    * LiveChat is better, but they cannot help with serious problems

    *getting used to the software, now I really don't miss Stars so much anymore
    * the rakeback is not directly connected to the rake, rather to some challenges like "flop ace hi flush 5 times" -> which can happen quickly or take forever but statistically it evens out.
    At PLO50 I'd say that I get constantly 20% rb.Definitely more than my calculation before (but then I was playing lower stakes). In the beginning 50000 points were worth 25$, but between 300000 and 350000 it's worth around 150$. So if you play a lot you get more rb. And I don't have the feeling these points are totally useless.
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  4. Aarnimetsa

    Aarnimetsa Well-Known Member
    Staff Member Poker Coach

    Oct 30, 2013
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    @Warp 's problem has already been solved.

    If you are on a network which will filter out gambling sites, one thing to try is to use Google Public DNS: Public DNS  |  Google Developers

    Generally the unwanted content blocks are made by DNS and using Google as DNS provider will usually help in getting unfiltered internet.
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  5. xxIxx

    xxIxx Moderator

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Glad you find the high concentration of fishes fun and EV+ ;)
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  6. Dayah

    Dayah Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Find out more about our newest partner, Unibet!

    Unibet is one of the biggest online gambling operators in Europe offering poker, sports betting, casino games and bingo. They have their own poker network provided by Relax Gaming. Unibet wants to make poker playing easy and attractive for everyone and for that it's possible to play anonymously - you can change your avatar and alias up to three times per day. It is not possible to use trackers or HUD in their tables so no one gets extra advantage. As they have geared their games towards newbies, games are good for experienced players to check out as well.

    It is a regulated operator with licences in France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Estonia and the UK with Customer service available 24/7. The software works with PC and Mac and the Unibet apps are available as downloads for iPhone and iPad, Android (poker is tablet only) and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

    Welcome offer for new players

    10€ Free Money

    You get a 10€ cash game ticket for NL4 tables credited upon your first log in. This offer is valid only for UK, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Belgian players. The playthrough requirement of the cash game ticket is 750 flops seen. Cash game ticket has a rolling expiration of seven days. Tickets remain active if used at least once per seven day period.

    200€ Bonus Money

    Playthrough bonus are activated upon your login. It is released in increments and automatically credited to your real money balance once cleared. You have 60 days time to clear the bonus. Bonus money will be released according to the following table.

    €2,000 Welcome Freeroll Tickets

    The €2,000 Welcome Freeroll Tickets is in form of 4 x €500 Welcome Freroll tickets that are credited to each new player after the creation of his first identity on the poker client. €500 Welcome Freerolls are weekly and start every Sunday. Welcome Freerolls expire after 35 days

    Freeroll Frenzy

    Freerolls are a zero-cost way to add some money to your account. Starting up every two hours of the day, Unibet freerolls offer tickets for both cash games and tournaments.

    If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to learn the way things work whilst giving you the chance to win real money.

    The table below shows some of the freerolls currently running, the full list can be found in the poker client. All times are in CET.


    Please note! When you make an account through us to Unibet, please clear cookies from your browser first. If you haven't cleared your cookies, the system doesn't probably see that you have joined with our recommendation. Also please Pause AdBlock before registration.

    See the How-To's to clear cookies for your browser:

    Internet Explorer

    Open an account to Unibet now, CLICK HERE!

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